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Aug 29, 2021
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I don't order heavily from Sephora but with almost each order, there has either been an issue with delivery or the order in general. Normally never write posts on any site but it is surreal for a firm this large to not be able to manage their system/logistics. Placed an order almost four weeks ago, received two automated emails since stating there are delays and that the order will be processed as soon as possible. Finally decided to call customer service as their live chat has been down who proceeded to tell me my order was cancelled the same day it was ordered... She'll put in a request to investigate because her system doesn't tell her a reason? Told me I'll receive yet another email within 48 hours, which inevitably, nothing. Looking at my order, it looks like one of the items purchased is no longer sold/in stock and is probably the only reason why it didn't go through.

For a firm this large, it's hard to believe how poor this whole process has been, still unresolved a month later, and unable to reach someone who can actually assist.