Just curious about a couple of things...

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Aug 29, 2021
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For those who are Premium subscribers:

I have been using MFP since 9/1/2020 with much success. Although weight loss hasn't been perfectly linear, I'm almost there. The two things I'm curious about...

1) Do any of you have Negative Calorie Adjustment enabled? I am considering doing it. I am in the normal weigh range for my height, but not at goal weight/range quite yet. I'm wondering if it will make a significant difference in what my Garmin is currently recording. I wear my smartwatch and sync regularly. I have been working on improving/increasing my N.E.A.T in addition to planned movement. If you have Negative Calorie Adjustment enabled, do you feel it is truly a more accurate measurement? I know that MFP says it is, just curious about your experience.

2) Do any of you track exercise without increasing your calorie goals? This is something I've never really thought about doing so far; however, I'm curious about it. It appears, to me, to be a more useful way of tracking exercise if one is using a BMR calculator. I'm thinking this because a BMR calculator calculates daily calorie needs already including activity level, etc. I've pretty much been eating a portion my exercise calories based on the custom calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient goals I have set for myself. I'm just curious.

I will be checking back periodically to see what you have to say. TYIA