Brisket Camp V, Oct 20th in New Orleans

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Aug 29, 2021
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It will probably be boring. Nothing exciting happens at any of these, yet we churn on and do it every year like lemmings. On the up side, the food is decent. Not too many leave hungry. Not that that's not happened, some vegetarians came one year. On Thursday we take a boat ride. People sip beverages and talk politely among themselves. It is the essence of civility.

We might have wings this year, it's still being decided. Probably a flat or two. Someone said they would make a small batch of slaw.

In general, nothing that special happens. No original cooking occurs. It's pretty much vanilla. The scenery is regular. The location is just a spot on the Mississippi river by a city. There are some transportation options. Pretty much no characters are there. Music will be played softly from an old AM radio.

That is all. Hope to see calm people there.

There is no history of coverage on this forum, we pretty much do the fest, then keep it all inside, not posting on this forum. Pictures taking is allowed, yet no one takes them because they are too sedate.

Volume levels never exceed a soft conversation or the engine noise of an electric car. If you are sensitive to stimuli, you will be at home.

Further details will follow.